Case Studies

This section is intended to serve as a filter on prior events, when overlaid with EM RW Neuroweapon capabilities. After overlaying EM RW Neuroweapon capability set, a new set of rationale exists for why, when and where a given event occurred, after ruling out common misconceptions (that do need to be screened for to ensure not influencing the outcome of a given event).

Case Study Categories


  • Basis: corporate competitor from another nation-state enters market in foreigner country. In order to gain competitive advantage, they utilize EM RF neurotech to obtain information.
  • Basis: instead of deploying drinks, loose lips sink ships, to learn information, deploy neurotech on the individual to distract and learn information.


  • Basis: corporate bad actors utilize subcontractors for EM RF neurotech to slow down competitors, such as a startup taking marketshare or with a technology that stands to significantly impact their marketshare.
  • Court Cases: where nefarious groups try to take over a startup, utilize the V2K technology to interrupt, EM RF MW to spy on and also to disable the startup
Voice-to-Skull (V2K) attack reverse engineered on a startup in USA.

Diplomats ( Havana Syndrome)

  • Basis: erode the capability to influence in another country
EM RF Harassment on Executives
Electromagnetic (EM) Radio Frequency (RF) Harassment – Required Baseline Scan – Data logged in USA


  • Basis: influence voting behaviors and patterns. Note, phased arrays utilized to deliver EM RF neurotech.

In August 2022 there will be an example case study published. Currently above are listed categories. Also, there will be collaborations established going forward with subject matter expert (SME) groups and associations that have expertise in the given technology domains required for successful countermeasures in Electromagnetic (EM) Radio Frequency (RF) Microwave (MW) neuroweapon defeat.

Skillsets include:

  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Electrochemistry
  • Computer Program
  • Big Data, AI/ML
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Signal Processing in Microwave Bands. This requires higher frequency hardware, more $$.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Signal Processing in Radio Frequencies. This requires off the shelf hardware, readily available for not much $.
  • Electromagnetic Spectrum Signal Processing in the Human Brain Frequencies, less than 100 or so Hz down to 1 Hz with precision, more $$.
  • Fox Hunting (applied use of electromagnetic frequencies and use of directional antennas)
  • Signal Acquisition through use of modern date Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Fun facts, to make light of a serious subject that can become depressing at times if not viewed also from a positive perspective. The human brain on average consumes between 20 to 27 watts (W) and the human body on average consumes 120 to 130 watts (W). Therefore, the brain, on a mass basis and volume basis has a significant power consumption, relative to the human body. [1]