Defensive Countermeasures

  • Woodpecker audio pulsed signal that also provides vibratory pulses to destructively interfere with Voice-to-Skull (V2K) EM RF MW Neuroweapon attack, randomly pulsing but at constant amplitude to match that of the V2K machine.
  • Detector to chime when attacked by V2K. Simple design, not patentable now that it is in PUBLIC DOMAIN and considered OPEN SOURCED by our

  • Detect (signal analysis, includes receivers through use of a Software Defined Radio (SDR) or more advanced higher frequency spectrum analyzer for the mm wavelengths now required to be detected by GW+ frequencies. In addition to the software and hardware SDR (Rx) component the antenna choice is key for detection as the polarization of the EM can be vertical or horizontal as well as the antenna should be a directional antenna.

    Manual AOA, Doppler (frequency comparison), Watson Watt (amplitude), Correlative Interferometry (CI) based on phase changes (first used in radio astronomy), Time of Arrival and the Hybrid systems comprised of AOA and TDOA types combined.
  • Locating and Tracking, is comprised of two main approaches: trilateration and triangulation. Trilateration is actually what most people talk about when they say “triangulation” which requires driving around and measuring the signal strength based upon location (active) or passive where you have three detectors and then measure the signal strength (visuals will be posted later in July 2022). It is important to know your EM RF environment when locating and tracking as the attacker can be clever and hide the signal by bouncing it off of a structure or another object, which sends you in the wrong direction.

    Software suites for wireless fox hunting (starting with Wifi, but then also EM RF Neuroweapons) can start with programs like Wireshark, AirCrack Suite, Airodump, etc. that require a Wifi or SDR. Keep in mind these will not enable you to obtain higher frequency data to track and locate and more robust and advanced hardware produced by firms like Rohde & Schwarz DDF255 Digital Direction Finder are required along with accompanying antennas (polarized vertically and horizontally).
  • Baseline EM RF spectrum is key in order to understand what is “normal” for your environment and then detect anomalies before they occur. However, if you’re actively being attacked by EM RF Neuroweapons this may be a challenge. If this is the case move, visibly, to another location and have a data logger obtaining baseline data at your prior location for a clear baseline over the period of weeks to a month (if possible).
  • Physical EM RF protection standards for “hardware” are covered under TEMPEST Standards and for “wetware” (human brain) are not covered at any other site as of this writing, this is the basis for building
  • Equipment confirmed to block Voice-to-Skull (V2K) Signal. Tested in field during an actual V2K attack. Confirmed direction.