EM RF Weapon and Countermeasure News. It is important to state that this site is specifically for Electromagnetic (EM) Radio Frequency (RF) and EM Microwave (MW) technology defensive countermeasures only, not offensive weapons. The news listed highlights the importance of building an open source defensive countermeasure community to address EM RF Neuroweapon and EM MW Weapon attacks on organizations to effectively build countermeasures (defensive) tools, utilizing open source community approach.

EM RF and MW weapons used to be elite tools of nation states, now it has apparently leaked and now it is in the wild. Since there is no available open source countermeasure toolkit, was created to address the gap as without prior awareness and access to software and hardware it’s essentially a fools errand to try to figure out what is being perceived when subject to an EM MW or EM RF neuroweapon attack.

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